All I can say is… STRAIGHT FIRE!

I am a huge Post Malone fan; and anyone else who is can agree that his latest album, beerbongs + bentleys, is nothing but fire!  From the first second of the first song to the final seconds of the last will have your ears on a musical joyride.

I am not surprised that this is yet ANOTHER great work of art from Mr.Malone.  His style of music is very unique and one of a kind.  The melodies, harmonies and instruments used in every song is very well blended and produces new and catchy sounds.  According to Genius, “On May 5, 2018, Spotify announced b&b broke both the global and U.S. first-week streaming records, with over 411 million streams globally and 236 million in the U.S.” If that is not enough proof for one to see that this album is STRAIGHT FIRE, then I’m not sure what else is needed.

This album gave me a small look into how his life is currently flowing, after the Stoney album.  With songs like “Paranoid” and “Rich & Sad”, one can hear that during his rise to fame, he encountered unfortunate experiences in which close friends were lost because of his rise in the industry.  Losing people, who were once close to you, because of your success is definitely a tough situation; but that still did not stop Malone from being Stoney and doing what he wants.

The album was generally fun and great to listen to, per usual.

Thanks for your continuation of HEAT DROPPING Mr.Malone!

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