• Final Blog Post… for CT 101? or Forever?

    Final Blog Post… for CT 101? or Forever?

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      The time has come for the semester to end and I am surprisingly not so happy about it.  CT 101 Digital Storytelling is by far THE most interesting and fun course that I have ever taken, taught by Ryan Seslow. Coming into this class I did not expect to learn so many graphic design … Continue reading "Final Blog Post… for CT 101? or Forever?"Read More »
  • 30 or 60 Minutes?

    30 or 60 Minutes?

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    A lot of people believe that if one exercises or does any type of physical movements for 60 minutes straight, per day, can help ones health and shed pounds.  That’s nice and all but here in New York City, its very busy with lots of things to do.  I am one of those New Yorkers … Continue reading "30 or 60 Minutes?"Read More »
  • August 26th. Stoney. beerbongs + bentleys?

    August 26th. Stoney. beerbongs + bentleys?

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    All I can say is… STRAIGHT FIRE! I am a huge Post Malone fan; and anyone else who is can agree that his latest album, beerbongs + bentleys, is nothing but fire!  From the first second of the first song to the final seconds of the last will have your ears on a musical joyride. … Continue reading "August 26th. Stoney. beerbongs + bentleys?"Read More »
  • Can I Get a AMEN Up in Here?

    Can I Get a AMEN Up in Here?

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    In the process of learning how to love myself better. “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else. Can I get a AMEN?” – Ru Paul  Read More »


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    Chad. I love me some Chad. I met Chad my first official semester at York College and I loved him as soon as I met him.  He is full of love, laughter and great twerking dance moves. He is a creative and uses his creativity by making AMAZING jewelry pieces that he calls RHAD ROCKS … Continue reading "RHAD ROCKS"Read More »
  • Inside of My Head on May 10th

    Inside of My Head on May 10th

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    Hmm.  I’m currently in one of my favorite classes, my CT101 Digital Storytelling course, and I just finished commenting on some cool Zine Projects. But the only thing that’s on my mind is how I’m going to make and save money for things that I want to accomplish in the future.  I am so upset … Continue reading "Inside of My Head on May 10th"Read More »
  • Really Cool CUNY ZINE Project!

    Really Cool CUNY ZINE Project!

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    This was one of the most interesting projects that I have completed this Spring semester for CT 101.  The task was to contribute 1 page to a collaborative magazine that communicates “How technology and creativity are powerful learning tools for inspiration, digital storytelling and design.”  I immediately became interested in the project because technology is such … Continue reading "Really Cool CUNY ZINE Project!"Read More »
  • Bruh.


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    Creating my website was pretty cool. But now I need help setting it up. It’s way more complicated than I thought. Every time I try to customize it, I end up saying “Bruh”Read More »
  • What’s Really Good in the Hood?

    What’s Really Good in the Hood?

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    My name is Tenelle.  I am a 20 year old Virgo from Queens, New York and proud of it !  My family calls me Pooh but others call me by my given name or Teneezy.  Teneezy is my alter ego and you’ll learn all about her throughout this site! Enjoy!Read More »