The time has come for the semester to end and I am surprisingly not so happy about it.  CT 101 Digital Storytelling is by far THE most interesting and fun course that I have ever taken, taught by Ryan Seslow.

Coming into this class I did not expect to learn so many graphic design skills!  Out of every skill that I learned, making GIFs was absolutely my favorite.  It was such a cool experience!  Seslow taught us how to create a GIF step by step and it wasn’t that many steps!  It was so easy and I could not wait to create more.

These are two of the first gifs I’ve created:

Next was a GIF portrait, which is another one of my favorite projects.  Here are a couple of Portraits GIFs I created, featuring some of my favorite public figures, using Photoshop:


I loved making GIFS in class, but when I was informed that we were going to create a domain name for our OWN WEBSITES… I WAS SHOOK (but not in a bad way) I was so ready to create my own webpage.  The process took a while for me to understand and perform every step correctly but, I eventually got it!

I am so proud of myself for applying the graphic design skills that I learned towards the creation of my website and my very own designs.

I am VERY thankful for learning so much from Ryan Seslow and I plan to carry this information with me for the rest of my being here on Earth.

So long CT101, you will truly be missed.

1 thought on “Final Blog Post… for CT 101? or Forever?

  1. Thanks so much! Ah, it was a super fun semester for sure! Tons of new skills were learned and applied! Im happy to know that you liked the class so much! YES! Your website is great! Please keep at it, you must keep expressing yourself creatively!
    Have a great summer!

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