Hmm.  I’m currently in one of my favorite classes, my CT101 Digital Storytelling course, and I just finished commenting on some cool Zine Projects.

But the only thing that’s on my mind is how I’m going to make and save money for things that I want to accomplish in the future.  I am so upset with myself because I did not really think about this when I was in high school, but I can’t keep dwelling on the past.  Therefore, I have to keep moving forward.  The only issue with moving forward is that I have no idea where to start.

I completely altered the plans I had for myself when I graduated from high school.  I was going to school out of state to work on a Biology Degree for Dentistry, but my heart was no  longer in that field.  I know that I am a fun, creative human being and I can use my ideas to inspire other people; whether it’s through design, fashion, music or writing.  But convincing myself that I can do that for the rest of my life is challenging because of certain individuals, who I feel, don’t really believe in me… my PARENTS.


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