This was one of the most interesting projects that I have completed this Spring semester for CT 101.  The task was to contribute 1 page to a collaborative magazine that communicates “How technology and creativity are powerful learning tools for inspiration, digital storytelling and design.” 

I immediately became interested in the project because technology is such a big aspect in the creative design world today.  Therefore, showing my view of how technology collaborates well with creativity was right up my alley.

At first, I was stuck and had no idea on how I would have liked for my page to look.  I wanted it to be very simple yet eye catching, mainly because that’s the style I lean towards, and also modern.

The photo I used was photographed with my iPhone when I went to DUMBO with my friends for a small outing.  The scenery was so beautiful, as always, and I had to capture the view.  Incorporating the beauty of the city with the beauty of social media was the perfect contrast.


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